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Trip of a lifetime

Ferg loves you! |

So, left Franz Josef in the rain, which didn't make any difference as it hadn't really stopped since we got there! Unfortunately, we had 450km to go before we hit Queenstown so it was quite a daunting start to the day. But with so much to see and loads of pictures to take, the time flew by. We left the west coast after about an hour to follow the Haast river inland and started to see the beautiful mountains and lakes that reminded me of home (Lake District) and of Oregon (Crater Lake area). Just stunning when the sun is shining!
We dropped off most of the bus in Wanaka so that they could go for a skydive and stay for a few days, but with limited time, me and Julie stuck with the bus again.
Got to Queenstown at about 5pm, just enough time to meet one of our dorm-mates, Lena, and to go and sample the local delicacy, the Ferg Burger! I have never seen such a varied burger menu and the size of the burgers :-O, Wow! One burger is a whole meal!
Then with a slightly over full stomach and lots of enthusiasm, we hit the town to meet up with the others from the bus, Seb, Nicole and Rob and our bus driver Dazza. What a night!
With free love juice, lethal Jaegarmeister cocktails and cocktails in teapots (how cool!) we had such good fun! Julie gave in at about 2.30am but I managed to last until 4am. Legend! I certainly wasn't saying that the next morning!
But, luckily, we didn't have any buses or planes to catch so it was down to the local park for a look at the fantastic scenery, including the Remarkables mountain range, and a bit of rugby. Well okay, it was more like throwing a rugby ball at each other but hey, it was funny!
Then on Friday, Julie and I got the plane from Queenstown to Auckland, spent a fairly uneventful evening and morning in Auckland and then got our flight to Fiji.
I must admit, we had nowhere near enough time to see all that we wanted to in NZ and I would have loved to have stayed there for longer but I'll have to save that for another trip. Definitely recommended and most definitely going back for more.
See you in Fiji!
xxx L

Locations Visited: Wanaka, Queenstown, Auckland

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