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The land down under

Melbourne - Phase I |

The Israelite has landed in the land down under. Instead of receiving the red carpet treatment I got a custom's officer wearing a rubber glove on his hand...hmmm... Not the kind of ride I was looking for!
They emptied all my bags and scanned them a dozen times. They even wiped my credit cards with a chemical agent to trace residues of cocaine. Wankers.
After an hour of strict checks I finally manage to get through.
Dunny reckons that my Steve Irving look didn’t help much. So much for integration.
The first day in Melbourne appeared to be the perfect start of a trip – big rave on Queen Victoria’s park featuring Carl Cox and Ferry Corsten among others. Around 30,000 people attended the gig and the atmosphere was superb. Loads of really good looking people. Boys and girls. I always believed that my home land holds the highest good-looking to entire population ratio until I got here. It was funny to see smacked up ravers trying to kiss ass to the police men. Anyway, Corsten was brilliant. The best music by far.
On Tuesday, Doron and I headed to the Great Ocean road. It is actually a street that spans over 160 km. Hmmm. I don’t envy the post man on that street!!! The view was breath taking though. Every house on the road was designed differently which gave the road a very surreal image. On our journey we paid our respect to Bells Beach, the notorious beach from Point Break starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves. We got as far as Lorne, 60km from Melbourne, and then headed back to town. Wish I had my current camera at the time. I made up for it on Thursday when I landed in Byron Bay on the east coast of Aus and bought a proper camera. That’s when I realized that my trip is not gonna be as cheap as I have expected. Bugga..

Locations Visited: Melbourne, Geelong, Torquay, Anglesea, Lorne, Melbourne

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