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Rain and Pub Crawls in Berlin |

I love Berlin! It has to be one of my favorite cities that I have visited. It is huge! I guess it's nine times the size of Paris, but not nearly as many people. While the city is rich with history, it lacks a lot of the aesthetic architectural landscape that I have been so use to in Europe. The city is very metropolitan and trendy. It is also very multi-cultural which is refreshing because Prague lacks a lot of diversity. Eastern Berlin is also very different from Western Berlin. West Berlin is very green, it slightly reminds me of New York. The people are incredibly nice all over the city which, again, is very refreshing.

I spent the first evening there at an outdoor hooka bar with a group of people from my program. We bought a bottle of red wine (with no glasses) and smoked mango tobacco and drank wine for the whole night. It was amazing! For the next two days we had scheduled activities at museums and sight seeing. I saw the Brandenburg Gate, parts of the Berlin Wall and various other monuments. It was very interesting to learn more about the history of this divided city and be able to see where the wall once stood. The main thing I love about Europe is it's rich history, especially Central and Eastern Europe.

On Wednesday evening a group of us went on a pub crawl. The city is so big we didn't want to try to find a place to go out on our own so the pub crawl was the perfect idea. For 12 euros we got taken to 5 different bars/clubs. We ended up at a club called The Matrix that was the largest I've ever been in. The even had a pool! There had to be at least 200 or so people just waiting in line. Luckily, because we were on the pub crawl we moved to the front of the line. The evening ended very late, but we had the time of our lives :)

The trips that we have gone on through our program have been so different. I completely appreciate the thought and time that our professors put into their decisions on where we go and what we see. I feel like I have gotten such a diverse education while also really experiencing the different cultures. Needless to say I LOVE EUROPE!!!!

Locations Visited: Berlin

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