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London in Spring

Off to the UK countryside... lovely little town called Fareham |

Thursday morning saw me getting up at 05:00 to get up and ready for the first tube of the day (they start around 06:00). I had to get to Waterloo Station for my 06:30 train to Fareham via Basingstoke. It was a bit of a rush as the tube takes about 20 -> 25mins to get to Waterloo and I needed to buy my ticket and more importantly find the right platform to get the train. As it turned out I had a good 5mins to burn before I had to leave.

The train ride was really nice made a change from the London scene. It was good to see some green pastures, cows and country homes. I’d seen it before when I went to Oxford for my second interview but this was a little bit more relaxed. I had the chance to take it in.

My department’s head office in Fareham is in a converted barn. Which sound odd but when you look at the photos you’ll see it makes a very nice office part. The manor that the barn is part off has been converted to flats so I’m told and makes for an impressive site when you come up the driveway. (I didn’t get a photo as it was pouring down with rain at lunch time).

The team I was training with consisted of a trainer from Denmark, A guy from Sweden, a woman from Russia, and 2 Brits. It was a great mix of cultures and I got to meet some of the people I’d only communicated with via email and cell phone.

All in all it was a good trip and no doubt I’ll be heading back there at some point with work.

If you don't know where Fareham is if added a map link.

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