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Quiet Day

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A quiet day in comparrison to the rest of the week. We went down to 42nd street to find some Perfume for Kylie. Bought some in Saks 5th Avenue and went to the US Postal Service to try and send it along with my heavy book and some odds and ends for Lucy's family. We packaged up the stuff and went to the counter were we were told to open the box and take the perfume out as they cannot send perfume through the post. The girl behind the counter could not believe what we were doing and wished us luck. We had some lunch (the trusty McDonlads) and went to see our third film of the week 'The night listener' with Robin Williams (not that good don't go to see it). Finally we relented and bought some NY tourist stuff. I bought a NY hat and Lucy bought a FDNY jumper. Sorry no photos today.

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