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Lima and the Internet in a posh hotel |

Got off the bus in Lima ready to roll!!!

Walked to our hotel amongst screams from perverted Peruvian men. Ew. Walked into the hotel and this time almost cried. It was the most beautiful place I thought I´d ever been. It wasn´t but I´ve been staying in the most av places.

We went for a leetle walk up the street to find nothing but a festival for los niños!!!! We ate this crazy ricey bananary thing which was so damn good (why do I spend so much time talking about food?!?) Looked around, was all very cute with a band, little pedal boats and Inca Cola. Mm. I likey.

Jumped on the most random bus and asked to go to the Museum de la Nación. They told us to catch another bus. We bus hopped until we somehow managed to get there, safe and sound, in one piece. I think poor Nicky might have lost a day or two off her life though.

The museum was nice but we got boooored..... Until we saw the sex symbols them we giggled like schoolgirls. We finished up pretending to stir big pots and then take ridiculous pictures with books. Don´t ask why, seemed like a good idea at the time.

I set eyes on Burger King and Nicky had to wipe the drool coming out of my mouth.

But alas, no time for we rushed back to make sure we were in the hotel when Nicky´s lovely friend arrived from England.

I met Carolyn who was every bit as lovely as Nicky had described and we went out for a, you guessed it, lovely dinner. Paella. I´d never eaten it before (okay I´m seriously gonna stop talking about food!) but it was....argh can someone please provide me another word other than tasty??!

Went back to our room, fell asleep. Hot. I think not.

Locations Visited: Lima

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