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Welcome to China(town!) |

After deciding not to splash out $276 each on a small bunk bed for 1 night we settled down for another night in our seats. Quite satisfied with the views of the Rockies. I slept through until around 6am and was surprised to still be going the mountains. Lucy was still asleep. We had breakfast in the diner again and were talking to an American couple who had cycled from vancouver to Jasper and were getting the train back. We were due in at Vancouver at 07:50am but did not arrive until 11:00. The train was divided into 2 sections to get it in the station which took ages. There was caos at the baggage retrieval as everyone crowded round the tiny converyer belt so that no-one else could see thier bags. Consequently they had to stop the belt because it was full and get everyone to move back. We worked out where we needed to go from a small map and got the skytrain downtown and then a bus to China. The hotel/hostel is very nice with en-suite toilet and shower. We are on the top floor with views to the mountains. The area that the hotel is in is frankly horrible with homeless on every corner. Every shop for many streets around are exclusively Chinese and we are bang in the middle of Chinatown. Luckily the bus goes downtown right outside the hotel and that is just what we will be doing. After our first shower since Wednesday we had a stroll round to try and find a Chinese takeaway but remarkably couldn't find one in Chinatown so we took the bus downtown and had the statutory Starbucks and Subway before coming back at around 9pm as we were both very tired after the train journey.

Locations Visited: Vancouver

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