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Argentina 2004/05

Buenos Aires |

Baz had managed to organise a friend's flat to stay in in the city, so we had an apartment on the thirteenth floor with a good view of downtown BA. Despite being warned to be careful etc, the middle of BA pales in comparison to parts of Joburg, so we never felt ill at ease. BA is an awesome place (although very humid at this time of year) and the air cons were a good excuse to get into the shops to look for more bargains. In between the shopping we visited famous tourist areas like San Telmo (home of the Tango), La Boca (home of Maradona, Argentina's other most famous contribution to the world) and Eva Peron's grave. It is amazing how popular old Diego Maradona is, more than a decade after he last played for Argentina and despite his drug habits and repeated failure to rehabilitate himself from crack addiction. The Caminita at the heart of La Boca is where all the houses have been painted bright colours, and you can catch a live Tango at every sidewalk cafe. We had a few beers at one and were entertained by and then invited to take part in the tango show. Doug, Rich and Baz managed to weedle out of it and Tanith and I were forced to be led into the Tango routine by our new partners whilst trying to avoid widespread embarrassment in a public place! It was great fun, even if the Caminita is more of a tourist trap than most places.

Locations Visited: Bariloche, Buenos Aires

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