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Mancora for Easter. Thats what most people from Lima do, so we decided to check out what was going on here.

Mancora is a sea side resort 16 hours driving from Lima. Yes, thats 16 hours and they all drive up themselves... Mad or what when there is a fab coast all the way from Lima to Mancora. Mancora is up in the North of Peru, near the Ecuadorian border. The water currents are warmer here than further south so that may be one of the reasons for them travelling these distances.

Anyway, after eventually getting some accommodation, we headed for the beach. The sun is so so strong from even 9 am. Its mad. The resort isn´t as well developed as any of those in Southern Spain but it has some of the same characteristics. The beach is full of umbrellas and if you have even a coke or a fresh lemonade (which is our usual tipple) you can have the umbrella for free all day! Lots of surfers and kite surfers to keep us amused while catching the rays. Never mind watching the pelicans diving into the waves to catch fish. It reminded me of the film Pelican Brief. Those birds are big and fast!

That night after meeting Yvonne (Switzerland), Briney and Jules (UK) we headed out for some fun. After a few Cuba Libres (Rum and coke) and Pisco Sours (Brandy, lemon, sugar and egg white) we ended up at this open air night club by the side of a pool. It had professional DJ`s and dancers, the lot! I felt I was at one of those MTV pool parties that are filmed from America. The music was fab. Lots of Salsa and Merenge. We were in our element. Myself and Eimear would throw in the odd bit of Irish dancing and everyone would start clapping around us. They loved it. I don´t know why as the Peruvians are fab dancers. Maybe they had too much to drink.

What a mad place. We spent Saturday and Sunday in the same way. Beach and party. Lots of beach bars to savour at night time. An absolutely great Easter.. Fab, fab, fab!!

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