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Beckenham - no relation

Flying south |

Vaughn partners with another 3D animator and we move to the rather isolated South London (well, not quite London at all) town of Beckenham. It’s quite pretty, with a little church and graveyard. Its claim to fame is that it is the hometown of David Bowie. Perhaps the fact that he left should have given us a hint.

Still, we have a comfy flat that overlooks the Eurostar tracks, and it has a big kitchen – oddly carpeted as it is – that I think is cool. At the time, I am commuting into London to teach English at UIC, a school in Oxford Street. It’s a nice time, but there are always railworks over the weekend and we end up stranded in the little town a lot, which is boring and quite a social life dampener.

We go on a trip to Bath for my birthday in October, and we really enjoy it. It’s like a miniature city, with theatres and galleries as well as great urban spaces and restaurants. We consider moving there (as we always do in little towns, peering in vain into estate agent windows).

Locations Visited: London, Bath

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