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London in Spring

West Hampstead - Staying with the Dashwoods + Warwick |

I've been staying (dossing) with my friends Mike and Stephanie Dashwood and their flatmate Warwick. They live in a very nice part of London called West Hampstead (on the Jubilee tube line). Warwick has been very kind let me use his laptop during the day to apply for jobs, check my emails and of course upload my photos. All the people over here are very helpful and have good advice to make adjusting to London life easier.

I’ve been using the tube a lot but I need to start using the buses in order to get a geographic feel for the place. Popping up out of tube stations really throws the bearings. (Dad you’d love having your compass over here =P )

I’ve been a little conscious of my lack of income but I’ve been venturing into the city at least once a day for a stroll and usually to meet someone for a bit to eat. Food is really cheap over here and it’s been great to see people I haven’t for a number of years.

Mike’s developed a love of the parks over here.. as well as an appreciation of the various birds (Pelicans and Herrings seem to be his favorites) as well as the different flowers in the well kept gardens over here. Mike says he’s seeing leaves for the first time since November. He’s rather excited!!

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