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Stockholm, July 2006

Stockholm, July 2006 |

I apologise in advance for the boring photos of Stockholm – I promise next time to take a few of the unbelievable nightlife (they appear somewhat conspicuous by their absence!).

After a delayed flight, the one and a half hour bus trip from Vasteras airport (Ryanair from Luton), and sorting out our hostel, we eventually made it into the Stockholm nightlife at around 2am. Within minutes it was evident that all we had heard of Stockholm was true, if not understated. Most bars in the area we ventured (Stureplan) closed at 3am, and the Friday night was deemed a night of reconnoitre, in preparation for Saturday night.

We were productive on Saturday - looking around Stockholm and catching a ferry/tour boat out to Vaxholm, the capital of the archipelago. Vaxholm is a pleasant, quiet island where we lunched and swam in the Baltic. No beach - just rocks to play on.

Upon our return, it was time to indulge in the night life we played spectator to the previous night. Most young men know of Stockholm’s reputation for attractive women, and you have probably seen the ‘clubbing in Stockholm’ email forwards. Understandably my expectations were fairly high. It is far better than predicted - the Swedish are so approachable, friendly, and hospitable. Unfortunately another rumour rang true: drinks are expensive and wholesale alcohol is virtually unobtainable. If you can get wholesale alcohol - whether duty free or from one of the government regulated stores, do, as beer from the prevalent 7Elevens is only 3.5% and the £6-7 you pay for drinks at bars soon adds up. Fortunately that side of me has been tamed since leaving home. The bars/clubs of Stureplan (e.g. Sturecompagniet) are pretty cool - big, clean, and a little more sophisticated than London.

On Sunday we squeezed in a walk around the medieval ‘old town’ before another one and a half hour bus to Skavsta airport (Ryanair to Stanstead).

A superb trip, but far too short - I’ll be back!

Locations Visited: London, Stockholm, Vaxholm, London

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