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Pre-Departure Jitters |

Welcome to the very first entry in my journal of Europe! It is still slightly unreal to me that I am about to embark on an adventure of this magnitude! This is something that I have always dreamed of doing and it feels wonderful to know I am about to accomplish a lifetime goal.

As many of you know, I am studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republilc from March 31st through June 15th. I will be living in an apartment with 3 other girls and I will be taking full time credits. The courses are Memory and Identity: Modern History of Czechoslovakia through the Lens of Film, Democracy and Development in Central and Eastern Europe and, Central European Fiction. While school will play an integral part of my trip, I will still have plenty of free time to explore and experience the beauty of Prague.

During my stay I will be taking 2 mini-trips to Krakow Poland and Berlin Germany. Each trip will be about 4 days long which is the length of my school week so I will have an additional 3 weekend days to stay and travel within each country. I will also visit Cesky Krumlov in Southern Bohemia (Czech Republic) which is a recognized World Heritage Site and take a hiking trip through Czech Switzerland.

Whew! As you can tell I am going to have a busy couple months. My program is officially over on June 8th but I will not be returning to the states until June 15th. My good friend Ashley Rogers will be meeting me in Prague and we are going to backpack through as much of Europe as we can in that short time. We haven't created an itinerary for our trip yet but we are interested in going to Vienna Austria, Budapest Hungary, and the Croation Islands. This will be a nice ending to my already amazing trip!

Going on a trip of this magnitude is exciting, nerve wracking, and shocking all at the same time. I have had this knot in my stomach that has been a constant reminder of what I am about to do. Knowing what I am going to see and experience is excitingly overwhelming. At times my excitement is overshadowed by the realization that I am going at this completely alone. Brandon has been by my side for 3.5 years and it's going to be hard to leave him. On the other hand, this trip will be a necessary experience for me to have before I settle down in my home life with my future family. This is just one more exciting step to a bigger and better me :)

I will update this journal as often as I possibly can, but I am at the mercy of internet cafe's so it will not be as often as I'd like. Please save this link in your favorites and check back frequently for updates. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of my going away party that Eric so kindly threw for me (love you Eric). Thank you for listening to me babble on and I will see you in a couple months!

Locations Visited: Seattle

I don't want to say good bye to you! I am being so selfish, but am the proudest one of your friends. I think this is necessary for you do and will most likely be the last time your are physically able to do it. Meet lots of people and show the world who Shauna Fellers are. You are the type of person that can impact a stranger positively in less than five minutes and enough to where that person will remember forever. Think of what you could do for this program and to the people you meet there. Although I still cannot picture you backpacking, I think it will be a physical challenge that will condition you mentally and physically. This is a test of dicipline- you're going to learn so much and establish great friendships and have a ton of fun, but I know you'll have challenges with being gone. Just know I'm with you every step of the way and am only a phone call away if you get a chance to get away or need a Seattle friend! Get some wind under your wings and have a great time babygirl! We'll be missing you tons. This is going to be tough, but I see summer at the end of my tunnel and it will come soon! I love you so much! Be safe and have fun! :( Luvs, Kim xoxoxoxoxo
Posted by: Kim Coombe on 29 Mar 2007

Hey pretty've been on my mind and heart NON-STOP! I can't wait to hear you gush. It hasn't sunk in yet - I know! ;) It's amazing how big the world is, and just how small we all make it for ourselves. You're pushing your comfort zone BIG little girl is growing up before my eyes! **sniff, sniff. ;) Well know I love ya and you may be out of sight for a bit, but you're no where near out of mind! ;) I'll bug you soon!
Posted by: Ashley Rogers on 05 Apr 2007

I Hope you are having fun. I missing talking you. I still look for you to sign on so we can i hope to talk to you soon. Miss you, Seng
Posted by: Seng Teung on 05 Apr 2007

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