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Eurotrip. Summer. 2005.

Rome, Italy |

I learned alot in Rome. While I was Italy in general I felt like I was absourbing so much knowledge. I could tell you more than you need to know about the Colleseum because of a great tour we got of the place. Rome was pretty caotic, but alot of fun.

I remember nearly being run over by mopeds and speeding vehicles more than once.. crossing the street deffinately applies when considering "when in Rome.. do as the Romans do!"

While in Rome, my sister and I visited the Trevi Fountain where we each made a number of wishes. That spot was seriously over populated. Loads of people were sitting all around it even though it was raining. It was probably the most gorgeous fountain I've ever seen, which made it worth seeing.

We also passed the Spanish steps.. however we had just finished waiting outside of a random art gallery for nearly 2 ours in a crowed anticipating a view of Robert Deniro.. so we didn't spend much time at the steps in eagerness to get back to the hostel and pass out.

I enjoyed the hotsel we stayed at in Rome, and though I know it's popular, I'll give it a little plug anyway. If you're a backpacker visiting Rome, i suggest YELLOW hostel.. it's got creative atmosphere, clean rooms, good bathrooms/showers and free internet & breakfast. The only thing.. the elevator was a little sketchy and my sister got stuck in it for way too long so take the stairs.

Another thing I remember about Rome was the weather. It was broiling! My sister and I tanned on a fountain in the middle of a star* intersection by the Star Wars Premier.. evidently showing ourselves off as tourists.. It's ok.. the locals liked it. haha

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