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The start to our stay in Sofia didn't start well; we had arrived a day early and our hostel was full. After 15mins of ringing they managed to find space in a new hostel on the other side of town. The new hostel turned out to be a bit odd. Run by a middle-aged woman, she stayed awake the whole night, giving me a shock when I went to the toilet at 2 in the morning...She also thought Charlie was our dad...

All-in-all our time in Sofia was full of strange encounters. I'll never forget camoflaging ourselves into the Communist monuments...we were probably lucky not to be shot...We also visited just about every chrch in the city and for our evening's entertainment knocked visited a bar recommended to us by an American in a cafe. It involved us knocking on a big iron door and asking, in our very best English to come in, before wondering round what seemed like a houseparty, with just a hint of Stanley Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut'...bizarre...

In spite of all this, I'd thoroughly recommend both Bulgaria in general and it's mountains in particular as a great way to spend your holidays. Indeed I'm going back there next year with Brathay Exploration Group (

Locations Visited: Sofia

Just reading about your trip for inspiration. Sounds like you had a blast and have definately given me some ideas for where to go.
Posted by: Alana and Ben O P on 06 Sep 2006

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