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Relatively speaking, today should have been a good day. I had an interview this morning which went really well, the sun was shining, I went training, and I had a tasty, healthy dinner...
but, I call Philip to hear a familiar voice and I burst into tears. Why? I don't know? Actually I do know why- for the first time in 5 months, I'm homesick.
I miss Calgary, my familia and friends. It's truly amazing how you can be in the midst of millions of people and still be lonely. I felt alone, sad, and far. Far enough away that I couldn't just hop into the underground to visit home. Home... Calgary.

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hey girl, don't be sad! you're missed and loved wherever you are which makes you NEVER alone. just thought i'd send that out...because i can relate to how you feel. just remember, you make your home... t.
Posted by: Taryn Javier da Silva on 09 Nov 2005

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