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Wedding & the North East

It's grim up North |

On Sunday, after a well deserved rest, we jumped in our car and headed North.... Durham was our first port of call, and we got there fairly late in the day, having had a lie in and a leisurely drive. We stayed in the Marriott, in the centre of town, which was very nice, and had a swimming pool to Jon's delight. We had dinner, in a nice Italian just on the cobble bridge next to the Marriott (the food was lovely, but the portions were huge!), followed by a swim, and got an early night once more.

Monday was our first proper holiday day, and we started it with a swim & very tasty breakfast. Then we ventured out and discovered that it really is grim up North! The amount of rain and bitterly cold wind were really quite impressive - so much so that I had to go and buy a new coat, as my own wasn't up to the task! But we didn't let that stop us. We had a good look around Durham Cathedral, which is lovely, and also around the Castle, which is currenly used as student accommodation by Durham University. Lucky students! I was interested to hear that the foundations of the castle are being washed away by the river, and at present there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. It's got about 200 years to go before it crumbles away entirely - hopefully someone will figure out a way to stop it before then....

Lunch was had in Vennels cafe - an old favourite - and dinner in a rather dodgy Mexican called "Rockin' Amigos" in Claypath. Not recommended!

Locations Visited: Durham

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