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I am travelling in Italy with the Hutchins family (Colin, Doreen, Graham and Nigel). We arrived in Venice on Wednesday night, it took us some time to locate the hotel, but we eventually did. We were woken at 7am to the ringing of the bells in the city, so much for sleeping in!! We got ourselves ready and headed down to look at the Bascilla of St Marks, but there was a huge queue, so we decided to come back the next day. The square where the church is located is often flooded during king tides. There are also hundreds of pidgeons found here too and you can buy a bag of corn to feed the birds, so we all took a turn at having our photo taken with the birds. Most first levels of buildings in Venice are no longer occupied due to the flooding that can occur there. I found Venice to be a very clean city. Everything is brought in and taken out by boat - food supplies, rubbish, petrol. All the services such as police, ambulance and fire have their own boats too. There are no bikes in Venice, children learn to steer a boat before they can ride a bike. Graham, Nigel and I went up the main tower in Venice. We were able to see how large Venice actually is, as its hard to tell by boat. Later we caught a ferry to an island that was famous for its glass blowing. There were a number of shops displaying a variety of glass creations, there were some very large pieces, while others were tiny. Some of the pieces had 24 carat gold in them. Many of these items are shipped all over the world. I had my first icecream in Venice today, I'm sure that it will be the first of many on this trip!

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