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When I arrived in BA, I toddled off to give myself a good feed. I just wanted steak so I found somewhere with this cheap option on their menu and ordered it. When I got myself seated, the woman came and asked if I wanted intestines with the meal. No thankyou I said. But I had this funny feeling I wasn´t getting just an average run-of-the-mill steak. Turned out I´d ordered a big f-off piece of grilled cheese, two fat funky-looking sausages and some fries. That´s fine, I thought, and gobbled it all up. And THEN they bring out two massive pieces of steak! Who eats that much? And why would they not bring it all out at the same time? I was just plain confused but felt that I must eat as I am on a budget and need to make the most of any opportunity to eat. I felt somewhat ill afterwards.

The next day I walked for miles to try to organise my visa for Brazil. The horrible man there yelled at me ´tomorrow in the COMPUTER!´ about fifty times while I tried to say that I just didn´t understand what he meant. I almost burst into tears until the security guard came over and kindly explained to me what the man was saying. He was a big meanie.

I checked into this crazy crazy hostel called Milhouse where they organise big parties and for everyone to go out every night. It is an exhausting place to be for too long but fun fun fun!!

Argentina is crazy for nightlife and it had been so long since I´d been in a city that was wild that I decided to go a little nuts. Had some huge huge nights, didn´t get home til 12 the next day one time. Went to a Robbie Williams concert - he is oh so sensual. Hot.

Also had an awesome time go-karting. It was me and 10 guys, most from Australia, and I taught them a thing or two =) Though I think I got whiplash in the meantime. Not hot.

Buenos Aires is a beautiful beautiful city but I´ve already crapped on about all that in the Salta entry so....

According to the Chils, stripey-pant-wearing gorillas with pink fluffy buttplugs are very loveable. She even wrote a song about it.

Locations Visited: Buenos Aires

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