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Des & Tom´s Latino Adventures!

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So today yes woke up quite late again! argh! The idea was to do either the Parque Nacional Huerquehue (that's probably spelt wrong by the way hehe) or rent out bikes for cycling arund for half a day i.e. 5 hours. Obviously having woken up late we decided on the latter.

Anyways before we rented out the bikes we headed out to the supermarket to get luncheon and a lightbulb hehe. Had to get the lightbulb because Tom decided to throw one of the massive blankets onto me on the bed and threw it too high and took down the lampshade and the glass part of the bulb with it! hehe unfortunately whilst tryign to put in the new lightbulb he totally took out the main metal fitting that attaches the lightbulb to the electricity... yea so we finally had to tel Claudio the owner of our hostel obviously hehe with much hesitation from Tom.

Anyways onto our actual adventure of the day. I was really scared once we actually got the bikes because well I haven't been on one in about 10 years if not more and I was only on long enough to learn how to do it and I have never ever had a bike... yep hehe. Had a few practise runs to see just how bad I was but turned out I was ok:) Was really worried abotu cycling next to the road tho but got the hang of it after a while. Tom was miles ahead at this point obviously!

I managed to make it past this point where we could see the three volcanos around this area including the one that we climbed. We stopped after about 2 hours at this gorgeous flat grassy area surrounded by forest and mountains, absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately I did not go on from there, left Tom to do his own thing for the last 3 hours whilst I spent the next hour making my way back. My reason for turning back was not cause I'm unfit for once hehe. This time I just seriously couldn't handle the pain of the bike seat digging into my bottom! Seriously I walked nearly half the way back to town because it hurt soo much! On top of that I was kind of disheartened because I kept falling over and on the first occasion I majorly took off loads of skin off my left palm and I could feel about ten bruises growing all over my legs.. very nice.. shame but never mind!

Once I got back to town had some nice alone time just wandering around. Tom arrived two hours after I arrived and went back to the hostel for some rest. We met up later for dinner at about 8pm. Was really nice had some trucha a la mantequilla y pure:) i.e. trout with butter and mashed potatoes soooo nice! Just trying to show off there with my amazing spanish skills! jk:)

Went to Hotel del Lagos this five star hotel in Pucon after as it has a cinema in it. Decided we wanted to watch Elizabeth town so we did. Were a bit worried at first actually cause we didn't even think to ask whether the movie would be dubbed or not hehe! How retarded of us but it was all fine! Good movie by the way if anyone wants to watch it:) right I'll end it there then for today! Adios amigos!

Locations Visited: Pucon

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