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World biathle Sardinia Septemeber 2002 poisoning strikes again! |

I was going to Sardinia for a biathle competition.....was very excited and had been training real hard, as was ranked 2nd in britain for my age and had a good chance of doing well in this competition. Unfortunately I got a virus or food poisoning of some sort on my way there and spent the whole 4 days or so vomiting and worse!

We flew with ryanair into alghero and then got a bus all the way down to cagliari, which actually didn't take too long and wasn't too pricey.

Sardinia was beautiful though and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The beach by where we were staying was beautiful and the water was really clear. I wasn't staying in a particularly touristy place, but there are plenty of them about and I'm sure that you could find lots of entertainment - I unfortunately just spent most of the time in search of a toilet!

Locations Visited: Alghero, Cagliari

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