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Asia Overland 2006

Asia Overland 2006

After more than two months in the Middle Kingdom (Zhong Guo; China) we had visited many, many temples. We had travelled across the north of the country, mostly along and around the Yellow River (Huang He) and most of the temples that we had encountered...

Thailand Island Hopper

Today we went for a long tour. It began well riding ATV's. This stands for 'All Terrain Vehicle' and is just a large quad bike. I had a couple of cool laps pushing it as fast as I dared and making my new fake Diesel shirt rather dirty. Rather more dirt...


The next stop on our list was Krabi town, so we got a bus journey there, we arrived at the bus station, which wasn’t too pleasant and went straight to the tourist information to find out where to go. As we traveled through Krabi, it didn’t look any thi...

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