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Chile 2006

Picture this. Snow capped mountains with glaciers. Many the waterfall descending from the mountains into turqouise waters full of rapids, which descend into turqouise lakes with lots of green and leafed forests with some Autumnal leaves developing.

Setting Sail in Croatia

Each morning was met with the most stressful and mentally taxing decision of the day, which colour shorts to wear for the morning sunning session, after which we refused to be dragged into any further intellectual quandary.

Latino Adventures!

We made it there at 7am and picked up all of our gear for climbing Volcan Villarica. Soon after suiting up in our waterproof gear and such we headed out in minivans to the Volcano stopping off along the way to get some food for lunch.

A Week in the French Alps

First day of skiing was pretty good. Great powder - helped to have a soft landing for the first morning. The face plants became increasingly painful as the week progressed.

Winter Eurotrip 2005-2006

Cold, disappointed, and HUNGRY, we marched our stiletto heeled selves back to the train station, where we stuffed our faces with McDonalds and called it a night.

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