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Travel Journals: Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Eastern Europe 2005

Dear all, This is day 2 in Macedonia... I think. Everything is all a bit messed up because we came over on an overnight coach will decided to get in about an hour and a half early which meant we were in Ohrid around 3:30am [GMT+1] local time. Luckil...

Member: Andrew
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Asia Overland 2006

After more than two months in the Middle Kingdom (Zhong Guo; China) we had visited many, many temples. We had travelled across the north of the country, mostly along and around the Yellow River (Huang He) and most of the temples that we had encountered...

Member: Charis and James
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The Tortured Compass

The loose ends are almost complete. The dog looks to be well looked after, my house renter should be moving in any day now, quit my job and most supplies are purchased. Now I just have to purchase a plan ticket and find a country to start my adventure ...

Member: Darren
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Let´s play the traveling game.

That's what I like in my cities. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg blaring through the streets. We decided to take a mini detour to Budapest. It's been muggy and chock full of fun stuff. The day we got here, we discovered that President Bush was following us i...

Member: Travmandels
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Topdeck Tour 07

We arrived in turkey today and we have 3 nights here which will be a nice break from all the bussing. I went on a day tour with a local guide and we checked out the *Cistern - a 6th century underground watersupply which was originally filled via an a...

Member: Neroli
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Snow Boarding in Romania

Yeah Baby.... Romania Rocks!!! 5 days hang out with my hommie Gazbi were exactly the vacation I was looking for. Beautiful sceneries, amazing girls and some kick ass skiing facilities. It sounds like an ad by the Romanian foreign minister but it’s as ...

Member: Haim
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My jurnal will begin verry soon....

Member: Allex
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Eastern Europe 2005

A fab day trip to Kotor, only 15 minutes up the winding mountain road from Budva - the route in was fantastic, up and over a large mountain - the drive down the other side into the town itself was beautiful, even if the bus we took looked about 40 year...

Member: Claudio
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