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Travel Journals: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Round the World Trip 2006/07

We arrived in La Paz on Thursday afternoon. It is absolute mayhem here! Buses, taxis, combis and people everywhere. Crossing the road is a challenge in itself. We went to an Asian restaurant for our farewell meal on Thursday night. Having not had a cur...

Member: Paul
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Europe Gap Year 2005-2006

Have really enjoyed our time in London. Still feel like we're on holiday even though we have to work. London Weather: Not that bad! Even winter was bearable and the summer days are long and (mostly) sunny. Maybe we struck a good year? Londo...

Member: Eileen
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Northern Europe and Russia - Contiki Style!

Day 27 of tour was my 25th Birthday. Not many people can say they spent their quarter of a century birthday sitting on a bus for 9 hours or so, including a 3.5hr stop at the Belarusian-Polish border. But hey, I did get to celebrate in style at a ba...

Member: Louise
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A tour of Russia for Easter 2006. 9 Days starting in Moscow, and heading north to St Petersburg via Novgorod - the birth place of Modern Russia. A group of 16 in total, plus our tour leader - a local of St Petersburg. Yes they drink vodka like the...

Member: Andrew
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Look Out World

The day has come to leave the city of Brisbane behind for how ever long it may be. Time to leave it all behind and explore the outer edges of this planet. And beyond if I'm lucky, but not before my flight was delayed. I had received a phone call from t...

Member: Benjamin
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flying north for summer

We've been reading more about the history of this place, and yesteray went to a film about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, so we're slowly managing to understand a bit more of the dismal past of Cambodia - although the more you learn about it the less it ...

Member: jenny
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Russia 2004

My High School Alumni choir travelled to Russia, Estonia and Finland....

Member: Chris
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Josh's Birthday Trip

As I said in the Tallin journal we caught a 7hr bus from Tallinn to St Petersburg. Suprisingly the trip didn't drag on because we were entertained by the increasing amounts of snow outside and by the approaching Russian border. We had been given en...

Member: Alicia
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Justin's World Tour 2006-2007

Greetings everyone from the heart of the former evil empire. Yes I am still alive...this is a good sign haha. Anyways my god do I ever have alot to talk about. Russia is just incredible, lets just say its the most crooked, culturally intense, beautiful...

Member: Justin
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