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Travel Journals: Soweto, South Africa

Soweto, South Africa travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Knowing the place for the first time

Just a few weeks after Clarens, we are in George visiting Vaughn’s mom on the way to the Grahamstown festival. George turns out to be much nicer than we thought, and Desiree and Rose entertain us 24 hours a day with drives in the mountains and wale-wat...

Member: Tamlyn
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African Adventure 2007...!

Today we took a scenic drive around what we used to call the Eastern Transvaal and it is now Mpulalanga. It was also to be a trip down memory lane as we had come on vacation here many times as a child. It is funny how ones prospective changes with age ...

Member: Gillian
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African Adventures

Flew to Victoria Falls. Checked into Victoria Falls Backpackers (would definately recommend) and then went into town. There are people trying to sell you stuff everywhere and offering to change your money. Catching a taxi back was an experience in itse...

Member: Allie and Steve
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To the Motherland

Um...does anyone speak Xhosa? We could not get the students to speak to us. Either they were shy about their English or they didn't know it. So maybe we need to focus on higher grade levels, where older students may have had more experience speaking in...

Member: Melissa
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