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Travel Journals: Bled, Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Europe Adventures 2006

We stopped in Graz for 2 days and have stayed for 7! We have had such a fantastic time being shown around the lovely city and beautiful countryside. Relaxing was the name of the game! Andrea and Charlie made us feel very welcome so too did the rest...

Member: Lara and Grant
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hop skip and a jump

so begins the long detour round to slovenia, and hopefully croatia - only to end back up in england again. going somewhere is so exciting but i always associate leaving with going back home. to derby. how can we go somewhere unless it is somewhere new,...

Member: Miriam
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The Trek Home

We spent a few days chilling out in Dahab on the Red Sea Coast. Fantastic snorkelling just off the main beach and at the Blue Hole 5 mins up the coast. From Dahab we headed to Cairo (rather scary van ride to get there - crazy drivers!). A day in C...

Member: Eileen
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X-TREME Weekend

Thursday til Tuesday camping at Lake Bled in Slovenia with a sporadic troupe of adventure seekers. More adventure than humour to report. Had the pleasure of sharing a tent with Ross, who although it was agreed had reached new levels of ‘hotness’ during...

Member: James
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Our 'European Vacation' 2006

Phew! Finally made it to Paris after a gargantuan effort packing up our lives in London. We were working 16-18 hour days just trying to sort through all the crap we've accumulated over the past 4 years. But we managed to get the boxes packed and sent o...

Member: Steph and Hamish
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Eastern Europe 2007

在二次世界大戰時,華沙近八成的區域被破壞殆盡,隨後靠市民的努力重建,以舊市區廣場為中心,將整個城市恢復原貌。華沙的舊城區相當的漂亮,特別是皇家城堡(Royal Castle)旁的廣場,廣場旁色彩鮮麗的中世紀房舍,加上房舍後方數個教堂的尖塔,從遠方望去沒有人不被這美麗的組合所吸。 ...

Member: Chi Kiong
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Girls Do Balkans and The Med

The last post-trip wrap-up entry is often neglected, creating a a sense of disorganization and a lack of closure that isn't sitting well with people, myself included. From Croatia we covered much ground. We crossed the Adriatic by ferry, crossed Ita...

Member: Melissa
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"Ciao Bella!" Your Mom, Seriously

My last Florence-based day I decided to daytrip to Siena. But I didn't get going on the bus thing early enough, so I had to wait until a 1pm bus. Didn't leave a ton of time to see Siena, as I had to get back to Florence to catch an evening train to Rom...

Member: Mary
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Slovenia and Croatia and Bosnia, October 2006

Well Vienna was a last minute decision - I had a 6 hr stop over at the airport so decided to take the excellent airport train into the city centre - it was a Sunday so lots of things were closed - but still lots to see - like the horse drawn carriages,...

Member: Mel
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