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Travel Journals: Segovia, Spain

Segovia, Spain travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

European Travel: Past, Present, Future

On the day we arrived at Mykonos, I wasn't feeling well from the night before. We arrived in the early afternoon and tendered to the island in a little boat and took a shuttle into town. Mykonos is the island on which to go shopping. Items are a bit ex...

Member: Wesley
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The Tortured Compass

The loose ends are almost complete. The dog looks to be well looked after, my house renter should be moving in any day now, quit my job and most supplies are purchased. Now I just have to purchase a plan ticket and find a country to start my adventure ...

Member: Darren
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My Semester Abroad

Our weekend in Paris was full of interesting sites and people. Communicating in another language is always fun, especially when you don't know it. And as most of you all know I have a hard enough time communicating my thoughts in English let alone in...

Member: Christine
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Spain 2006

Ron, Orly and I began our trip in Barcelona. We stayed in a motel on the main street - La Rambla and had a great first dinner in the excellent restaurant - Los Corocolos (or something like that) which means - the snails. I personally didn't like the s...

Member: Oded
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Spain 2000

I am not sure the exact dates of my trip to Spain. Alexandra and I went together. Sister Judith went with us. This is where I had my awful family stay in Toledo. Granada is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The Alhambra was ...

Member: Emily
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A collection of Segovia travel blogs (journals) created by other travellers. This travel journal collection forms a comprehensive and unbiased Segovia travel guide and resource for travel research about Segovia, Spain. All content is provided by independent travellers.