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Travel Journals: Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

National Lampoon's Gothenburg Vacation

Spent the weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden with Jimmy (Frank Le Beau), Richie (Leroy), Grant (Hank), Myself (Cougar) and (almost) Jeremy (Big Bird). Another crazy expedition. Leroy and I up at 4am, round to Canada Water to pick up Hank, Frank, and Bigg...

Member: James
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The Big Oh-Eee

I drank more Guinness than I have ever even SEEN in my life, but it would be rude to go to Dublin and not have one! Plus it was the cheapest drink in every pub which is the main reason we kept drinking it rather than switching to something else! ...

Member: Kirianna
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Off to Goteborg, Sweden

Vicki and I headed off to Gothenburg on thurs morning, departing Dunblane at 2am to head to Prestwick Airport. Got there fine and explored the city on foot that day. A lovely place!. Then the next day we met up with Ben (a colleague) where we we...

Member: Si
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Hmmmm Sweden well this was another one of my trips that came out of the blue. Ally called me on Thursday night asking me whether I wanted to go to Sweden with her on the weekend so of course even though I am so poor I said yes. Friday 17th was St Pat...

Member: Litzy
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Trundlewagon travels

Oops i havent really updated this much recently!! so, here is a very quick overview of the last couple of weeks... i left Wurzburg and drove to Halle, to find a hostel where the owner spoke no english and seemed surprised to find an english guest...

Member: Jenny
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skandinavien runt


Member: Fredrik
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Brooke Abroad

Wow I can't believe and entire year has passed already. It seems not so long ago I boarded a plane for London. But here I am and loving every minute of it. This past year has been amazing. There has been no shortage of adventures. Let's se...

Member: Brooke
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