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Travel Journals: Avebury, United Kingdom

Avebury, United Kingdom travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

The Beach in England

Who would have thought - a real beach in England! And only 2 hours drive from London. We will definitely be going back again. The sand was almost as good as home, and though there were no waves there's nothing like salt water to refresh the soul. On...

Member: Lara
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The First Installment

Massive props to all those that showed. Primo party....but then I wouldn't expect anything less from such a killa group of people. Shot to the boys for sussing the sounds, huge thanks to Stevo for providing the venue and everyone else who gave a hand....

Member: Kate
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Eurotrip. Summer. 2005.

My favourite parts of visiting Whiltshire were the road trips to Stonehenge, Avebury circle, the white horses, haunted pubs and crop circles! England is enchanting. I was excited to visit Stonehenge, it was somewhere that I'd always wanted to vis...

Member: Ashley
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Studying in London, Spring 06

Bare with me, this will be a long one... WOW! Norway was pretty ridiculous. Hey! Did you know that Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world?!... Day 1: Denysha and I get in Oslo Torp Airport very late because our plane ran late. On the...

Member: Kimberly
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Doing the Full Monty with Haggis

We had a lazy morning frolicking in the woods around the Lake District and Aira Force (even got to see a waterfall) before heading further north to Cawfield Quarry to climb part of Hadrian's Wall. I can't believe so much of the wall is still intact. W...

Member: My Trinh
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summer solstice 2007

well gone are the days of staying up all night in a freezing cold misty parking lot until its almost time for sunrise then hiking to the stonehenge sight only to find security gates, the smell of the burger stall, & thousands of drunk people waitin...

Member: debbie
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Eurotrip 05/06

Sweden with Mark and Ben...

Member: Chris
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