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Travel Journals: Pitlochry, United Kingdom

Pitlochry, United Kingdom travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

London Study Abroad 2006

Okay, while I know that I did not participate in any debauchery in Scotland (despite my claims that one MUST drink whiskey if in Scotland), I did participate in minimal amounts in Ireland...because honestly I wasn't going to two famously drunken countr...

Member: Rachel
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Scotland 2005

The flight was uneventful. I think I got about 4 hours of weird airplane sleep. The most eventful part was the inordinate amount of time spent not flying. We spent to close to 2 hours waiting to take off after boarding. Since I flew over with the se...

Member: Sarah
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Écosse 2004

J'ai voulu m'acheter un livre de lecture dans la librairie mais j'ai pensé en écrire un, en quelque sorte, pour mettre sur écrit mon troisième voyage en écosse, le dernier j'en ai l'impression. Pourquoi 3 fois dans le mê...

Member: Philippe
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