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Travel Journals: Scarborough, United Kingdom

Scarborough, United Kingdom travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

My Life of London

Well, what a huge day. I got up at the usual weekday time in order to get yo Paddington for the earlyish morning train to Cardiff, I was off to the Australia v Wales rugby match. (Or Awstralia v Cymru in welsh) On the trip out I was sitting with a f...

Member: Craig
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Our big trip

Gavin’s bit: The Hilton put on a great breakfast spread, and after Sam polished off about three courses we eventually made our way back out onto the M3, shooting down to Portsmouth. Today we visited the Royal Navy’s base down on the Solvent. Abou...

Member: Paula
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We finally escape

So, we are counting down our last few days at work and are busy preparing to leave Switzerland, (not an easy task!) We have had some fantastic times over the last couple of years and have met lots of terrific people, some of whom, I am sure, will be f...

Member: Claire and Paul
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Christmas 06 - North Yorkshire Moors

As we did last year, we decided to stay within England rather than trying to deal with airports and expensive hotels in Europe. As it turned out it was a good decision as most people flying out of Heathrow didn’t get anywhere because of the fog. ...

Member: Si and Cathy
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