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Travel Journals: Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

2004.11~2005.02 South America

Month 1 of our 4 month trip through South America. We started our journey back at the beginning of November with a few days in Buenos Aires, and although we’re not normally that keen on big cities, we really enjoyed it. The city is very cosmopolitan...

Member: Paul and Rachel
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Weltreise 2006

In Darwin checken wir in Chillis Backpacker Hostel ein. Unser Plan, die Westkueste entlang zu reisen, platzt innerhalb einer Minute, da zwischen Darwin und Broome alle Strassen ueberschwemmt sind und es auch zwischen Broome und Perth sieben Zyklone gab...

Member: Kati n Rob
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South America I: Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil, Bolivia, Peru 2006

Copacaban in Bolivia, from where we visited Isla del Sol, and Puno in Peru, from where we visited the Uros Floating islands, Isla Amantani and Isla Taquile. Thur 29 June 2006 We took a bus from Puno to Cusco last night and after 7.5 hours arrived ...

Member: Samora & Lucy
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RTW with Steph and Dion

Written by Dion August 11-12, 2006 We decided to spend a couple of days in Uruguay, so we boarded the 9:00AM Buquebus ferry from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay on Friday morning. The ferry itself was quite nice and the rid...

Member: Dion & Steph
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Round the World Trip 2006/07

We arrived in La Paz on Thursday afternoon. It is absolute mayhem here! Buses, taxis, combis and people everywhere. Crossing the road is a challenge in itself. We went to an Asian restaurant for our farewell meal on Thursday night. Having not had a cur...

Member: Paul
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South America Adventures

Ok guys, can´t remember where I left you, but I now have friends! Horray! My room mate is called Liz, not Elizabeth Rose as I 1st feared... she´s got a great sense of humour and I´ve threatened to call her by her official title from h...

Member: Nicky
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World Backpacking Trip (Part 1) - South America & USA 2005 / 2006

24th December 2005 I met Gabriela for lunch and after we went Christmas shopping which was easier than yesterday because she knew somewhere that was less busy so of course less people begging. I find this side of things very difficult. By the ti...

Member: Gabrielle
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Goodbye Edinburgh, Hello World

Well, apparently our time is nearly up and we're having to return to dear old Blighty very soon. Life's a beach, isn't it? Well it has been for us recently, anyway. We've been in Thailand for around two months now. It's the kind of place where nothi...

Member: FisherTours and BoothTravel
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Grappa Con Miel

The company "Buquebus" runs the boat and bus between Buenos Aires and Uruaguay. Passengers must arrive at the port one hour before departure time for the immigration procedure. I came to the port at 8 AM. There are several lines at the im...

Member: Yu
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