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Travel Journals: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

majestic mount kinabalu

being introduced to Joseph, our mountain guide. got on a shuttle bus to Timpohon Gate, the climbing starting point. joseph was really a nice guy, we chatted a lot along the way. we saw many porters climbing up with heavy loads on their backs. Ostia! we...

Member: sumai
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Southeast Asia 2006-2007

Our plan after Flores was to fly out to Papua to explore the Baniem valley - a place so concealed by mountains that it was only discovered in the 1930s. However, it proved impossible to get tickets as the computers of Garuda Airlines had gone down. Giv...

Member: Charis and James
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flying north for summer

We've been reading more about the history of this place, and yesteray went to a film about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, so we're slowly managing to understand a bit more of the dismal past of Cambodia - although the more you learn about it the less it ...

Member: jenny
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um-die-welt 2007

Mit etwas Verspaetung komme ich endlich dazu hier ueber meine Erlebnisse auf dieser Reise zu berichten. Also Argentinien die Erste: Meine erste Station ist Buenos Aires. Eine Stadt mit Charme der Alten Welt vermischt mit einem kraeftigen Schuss Modern...

Member: Baltasar
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Malaysia 2007

As the summer humidity and temperatures soared, so did my work levels, but fortunately everything was completed and signed off by the start of August, enabling Tanith and I to set off on our summer vacation with a clear conscience. Our destination for ...

Member: Russell and Tanith
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South East Asia 2007

Dalat is a flourishing market town up in the Central Highland hills halfway down Vietnam. We were only here a short time but went on a city tour day trip to see some of the local sights. This involved places such as waterfalls, a buddhist temple an...

Member: Chris and Aine
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Sarah's big adventure

Having finished with Ayutthaya, we arrived in Chiang Mai last week, and have been staying in an amazingly clean guesthouse that's only 190 Baht per night (about 3 pounds) so we're rather pleased with that. It's a fair bit cooler up here as well, so we...

Member: Sarah
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Adventures Across Asia

My last day of work, my first day of my new life... times have been changing and i am now looking forward to a new stage in my life, in my life of travels. For those that know me well, you will know that i have wanted to travel for most of my life, ...

Member: easyjez
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Around the world...

Arriving in Dalat was a bit odd as it is right up in the Highlands and is about 10 degrees cooler than we have been used to. We had a great couple of days there. The town is pretty quiet but there are some great waterfalls and lakes in the area around ...

Member: Sarah and Ricky
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Borneo Jungle

After overnighting again at Uncle Tan's B&B we took the long bus ride back to KK and booked into our beach side resort. Proper showers and good beds - luxury again, and a nice swimming pool which was only clear of leaves in the morning just after i...

Member: Nicky Chick
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Kinabalu Trail...01 - 05AUG2006

5 D 4 N Kinabalu Trails... KUALA LUMPUR / KOTA KINABALU AK5106 01AUG 1100/1340 KOTA KINABLU / KUALA LUMPUR AK5121 05AUG 2115/2345 Day 1: Day 2: Depart from hotel for a fullday excursion to TENGKU ABDUL RAHMAN MARINE PARK. Locat...

Member: Sean
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