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Travel Journals: Santa Barbara, United States

Santa Barbara, United States travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

2006 Discovery Tour -Phase I: Southwest Roadtrip

LA didn't leave much to be desired. I imagine that there is beauty and grand adventures to be had within the urban megaplex but the size and my desire for solitude pushed me north. Wow! Double Wow! The Ocean! Shells, surf and sea food. I have n...

Member: Bethany
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I'm proud to be an American and have a deep love for my fellow Americans and for the great land in which we live. For me, there's no greater place to be than here at home in America....

Member: Brent
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It DOES rain in Southern California

On this side of the earth (which is 10 time zones away from South African Time) things has been crazy! One very good analogy of the JIT experience came from Elbe a follow Jitter in Houston; and she sums it up as follows. “It’s as if you live in a reali...

Member: Johan
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Ireland 2006

Well, I guess it is time to really start packing. All the family festivities are done and I actually sit still for the first time in days I started to realize I bet get my stuff together. But, it can all wait till tomorrow. Now, more quality time with ...

Member: Jessica
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Wish you were here?

Hi, After we left you on Monday afternoon we took a walk from our hotel down to the Tulum ruins on the beach. We didn't have the place to ourselves like at Chichen Itza unfortunately but most of the tour buses had departed. The ruins are of a Mayan...

Member: Kate and Jonny
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USA 2007

I went to Niagara Falls with my brother and his family. Niagara was impressive, however I had always imagined it to be a lot bigger than what it actually was. I was happy that I brought a spray jacket along with me because the mist was like rain at var...

Member: Tim
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2006 Holiday

Member: Jayson
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