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Travel Journals: San Jose, United States

San Jose, United States travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.


Beautiful Oregon Coast...

Member: Caitlin
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china 06

beijing is my least favorite city in china, but i'm here again. i'll have spent 3 weeks here by the end of the summer. that's more time than i've spent anywhere. we arrived at tsinghua at 3pm yesterday. the train ride wasn't so bad...we got sleepe...

Member: Stephanie
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USA 2006 Trip

Last location before heading back home was San Francisco, but I have to mention the Vacaville outlets on the way from Lake Tahoe - if you are in a shopping mood, it is huge, they have everything there! And then, the beautiful Frisco! I am in love w...

Member: Gabby
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Mexican Odyssey and the American Southwest

Bubby was with us as the Ultra Van crawled up the scorched Mexican desert via the Atlantic side. Somehow it was less charming then the Pacific side and hotter then hell too. Everybody complained of the sinful heat. but my dad kept snapping away wit...

Member: michael
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