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Travel Journals: Fussen, Germany

Fussen, Germany travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

My Semester Abroad

Our weekend in Paris was full of interesting sites and people. Communicating in another language is always fun, especially when you don't know it. And as most of you all know I have a hard enough time communicating my thoughts in English let alone in...

Member: Christine
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The World Cup

Still too upset, pissed off, etc. to write this... Over it now, actually no, but enough to continue on. Let's just say that if this were handwritten last night, there may have been some smudging. Had my first alcohol free day on Sunday since...

Member: Craig
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"If I See Another Baroque Church, I'm Going to Scream and Then Puke"

Took a daytrip to Bratislava, Slovakia, with my friends Melissa and Jessica. Saw the local sights, but otherwise not a whole lot to do. Cheap though!...

Member: Mary
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Eastern Europe 2007

在二次世界大戰時,華沙近八成的區域被破壞殆盡,隨後靠市民的努力重建,以舊市區廣場為中心,將整個城市恢復原貌。華沙的舊城區相當的漂亮,特別是皇家城堡(Royal Castle)旁的廣場,廣場旁色彩鮮麗的中世紀房舍,加上房舍後方數個教堂的尖塔,從遠方望去沒有人不被這美麗的組合所吸。 ...

Member: Chi Kiong
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