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Travel Journals: Detroit, United States

Detroit, United States travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

A Holiday in Europe

"We're not in Germany anymore." Sunday. We said goodbye to Thomas and made our way through the train stations to Brussels, Belgium. We seemed to have overworked R2-J2 (as we nicknamed Jean, thanks to her astounding sense of direction) beca...

Member: Joshua
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"Rockin' Year in the Berg"

Today was quite a day in Athens. I got up early with plans to go to Olympia, but found out everything closed at 3pm. Since I wouldn't get there until 11:30 with the 5 hour train ride, I figured I could find better things to do with my day. Because I...

Member: Jennifer
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Euro Trip 2006

We spent this past weekend in Budapest, Hungary. The train ride there took almost 15 hours and our seats were right next to the smoking car (yuck)! Scott and I probably had three packs each by the time we arrived in Budapest. Once we got checked-in to...

Member: Mandi
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USA and Canada 2006

Our third and final day here in New York and time for a quick update. Currently in the 5th Avenue Apple Store using their computers and internet for free, yes mum I am going to get your wireless stuff as well! We flew out with Virgin and the in flig...

Member: Jayne
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Happy Monday all! This weekend was really fantastic in lots of ways. Friday, Mom and Dad drove up to Bob and Nancy Gino’s place in New Buffalo. They all drove down to Dowagiac to meet me for dinner. It quickly turned into a big affair and all the fe...

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Back in the USA

Sunday was the big day of going to visit Scott at Lake Compounce with Jesse and Jeff (who just returned from a summer in Ecuador). 2 hours of boy-talk, and Jeff telling us his hilarious mishaps while in South America (the key stories: almost being kidn...

Member: Kimberly
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Ukraine 2004

Our plan landed in Kiev in the early moring. Our train ride to Simferopal didn't leave till dusk so we had the day to tour the city. I was awstruck to look at a city over five hundred years old. In the United States, the oldest cities we have are on...

Member: Chris
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Greece 2005

Opa! Spring break in Greece with twenty-five new friends :) We visited Athens, Nafplion, Marathon, Peraiefs, and the islands Aegina and Hydra. I filmed our adventures at the Agora, the Plaka, Monastiraki, Mycenae, Delphi and out in the amazing nightlif...

Member: E
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United States Travel: FLORIDA & WASHINGTON D.C.

The whirlwind tour of Washington DC....I think we hold the record for seeing DC in the fastest time! Approx. half an hour?...

Member: Drea
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My life as a Sevillano...Study Abroad 2005

We got up early to take our Spanish placement exams which were terribly hard and EVERYONE complained about. We were so glad to get on the bus and not think about how horrible we just did. We drove to this city just outside of Cadiz called Jerez de la F...

Member: Michelle
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Artrain USA Pacific Northwest Tour

hi all, we're back in boulder now. we are staying at this rad house with a beautiful kitchen and cool furniture. i have to sleep on the pull out couch which is slightly uncomfortable, but oh well i'm over it. so on the way to boulder from albuqu...

Member: Allison
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Roadtrip USA - East to West

We push southwards, hitting the route 101 after snaking through forest and suddenly, we're clinging to a cliff edge, teetering on the brink of the Pacific. It crashes and roars against the rocks, which jut out at all angles, like giant sharks fins, thr...

Member: Graham
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