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Travel Journals: San Antonio, United States

San Antonio, United States travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

United States Travel: TEXAS

Again, driving all the way down to Texas was insane. It took us about 36 hours driving straight through. However, Texas was fascinating, big, and...well, very country. A bit patriotical. We only drove through Dallas, and stayed in Fort Worth (which ...

Member: Drea
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From Sea To Shining Sea (Twice!)

If yesterday was the Deep South, today is in hell....

Member: Keturah
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2007 Adventure

Decided to head to the USA to watch a couple of NBA basketball games. Since San Antonio Spurs had 2 home games in 2 days I thought it was the perfect opportunity, so off I went. Things didn't start well at all. Firstly, my luggage was delayed coming...

Member: Clayton
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Los Angeles to Houston Road Trip

San Antonio was a pretty nice town to visit, with lots of places to eat. The thing that freaked me out was the crazy system of feeder roads going along side the highway. Apparantly this is normal in Texas but I had never seen them before. We lef...

Member: Steve
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