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Travel Journals: Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Puerto Madryn, Argentina travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Me & My 20 Kilo Backpack in South America 2006

The start of our trip through Argentina's Patagonia. The first stop was at SANTA ROSA. Santa Rosa is the capital of La Pampa, it is relatively new city as it was only founded in 1892. (So the Lonely Planet guide says) It was a very quiet chilled...

Member: Stuart
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Our Big Around the World Adventure

We arrived in San Pedro de Atacama after 3 days touring through the Bolivian salt flats and deserts, rather the worse for wear and very grubby! Thrilled to be in a place that was a bit more upmarket and tourist friendly, we treated ourselves to our mos...

Member: Wops and Mel
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Grand ol' world tour

The Navimag cargo ferry, our home for five nights and the best fun you can have on a ship loaded with cargo trucks, cows and sea-sick passengers. Travelling on the first trip of the high season meant that the boat was only a third full. Which was exc...

Member: Ian and Alex
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Argentina & Chile

Ushuaia was our last destination on our tour of South America before heading to Santiago and out. We were quite tired from all the walking so took it pretty easy whilst we were there. After only a couple of hours in our hostel, a familiar face walk...

Member: Claire and Paul
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flying north for summer

We've been reading more about the history of this place, and yesteray went to a film about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, so we're slowly managing to understand a bit more of the dismal past of Cambodia - although the more you learn about it the less it ...

Member: jenny
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2004.11~2005.02 South America

Month 1 of our 4 month trip through South America. We started our journey back at the beginning of November with a few days in Buenos Aires, and although we’re not normally that keen on big cities, we really enjoyed it. The city is very cosmopolitan...

Member: Paul and Rachel
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3 weeks to go in London

Starting this off 9 months into the trip probably seems a bit strange but I've decided that I would like to have some type of memory like this that is official rather than lots of bits and pieces and scribbled bits of paper all over the place when I do...

Member: Natalie
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South America 2007

We arrived in Arequipa early afternoon in time for lunch and a tour of the city. The city is also known as White City due to the white volcanic rock used to make the colonial buildings. One of the highlights in the city is the Santa Catalina Covent ...

Member: Michael
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South America 2006

arrived in Puerto Madryn after a very luxurious over night bus ride (they give you sweeties,whisky,wine and everything it was ace). its a funny little town which has been built i think purely as a tourist gateway to the penninsula valdes and feels a bi...

Member: Pippa
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um-die-welt 2007

Mit etwas Verspaetung komme ich endlich dazu hier ueber meine Erlebnisse auf dieser Reise zu berichten. Also Argentinien die Erste: Meine erste Station ist Buenos Aires. Eine Stadt mit Charme der Alten Welt vermischt mit einem kraeftigen Schuss Modern...

Member: Baltasar
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