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Travel Journals: Charlottetown, Canada

Charlottetown, Canada travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

South Korea - 6 months

I decided to go to Korea to teach English as a chance to see another part of the world. I lived in Suncheon (south west of Korea) for 6 months before returning to Canada. Leaving Ch'town, Prince Edward Island to Halifax, Nova Scotia, I flew to Toro...

Member: Drea
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OverViews for a Quarter Century

So this is all new to me. MyLifeOfTravel, not blogging, nor travelling. I have done the latter two for quite sometime. My family was always the nomadic type when it came to family vacations. We took the car, not the plane. I grew up in Rochest...

Member: Daniel
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Canada - Eastern Coast (one week)

My first trip out east, we drove through NY, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, up into canada to Fredricton. From Freddie to Charlottetown PE, then the ferry over to Halifax & Peggies Cove, NS back to Moncton before heading thru Quebec to Ontario...

Member: Drea
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