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Travel Journals: Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou, China travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.


24 Nov 06 WE'VE ARRIVED IN HANGZHOU - WE LOVE IT HERE! As always the train was spot on time. This time, luckily, the journey was just over two hours. We booked ourselves in a hard seater carriage, which is an experience to board! Loads and loads of...

Member: Charlotte and Dyce
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China 2006/07

After a lie in and a little work I headed down to meet Mary-Ann. We wandered around the area where she lives for a while which is much closer to the city; there are loads of shops and restaurants. Her apartment is fine but a little dingy and she has mo...

Member: Hannah
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my life...on the road

start my journey at the age of 17, walking on the street alone with all guys speak different language from which i do. NObody understand me ,and i understand nobody neither... good. give it up or life goes on. did not think too much and 7 years already...

Member: maxso
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Exploring The Global Mind in Asia

Shanghai! It's like New York! Pretty classy, yup. I immediately fought for my hotel room. The receptionists always said MAYO. No room. I then stood fast and started taking secretive notes. They would then finally give in. This theater was really old no...

Member: michael
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China Tour

On Boxing Day, 2005, I embarked on a tour of China with the Amadeus Orchestra. We went all over the place by way of 10 flights, 2 ferry journeys and hours and hours on mental motorways. Here are some of the highlights....

Member: Owen
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A Viking Life in The Peoples Republic of China

Yesterday was one of China's big three holidays/festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival. China's calendar is based on the lunar year, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is when the moon is full in the year's eighth month. The festival is celebrated by having a fam...

Member: Mary
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Hangzhou weekend trip

Everyone warns you that traveling during Chinese New Year is not a good idea, but we decided to ignore that piece of advice and jump on the bus to Hangzhou. We arrived on Thursday afternoon after a very pleasant bus ride. Unfortunately you cannot buy r...

Member: Ena and Jules
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