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Travel Journals: Wuhan, China

Wuhan, China travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

The Eastern Odyssey

One never knows how much power one has until one realizes the extent to which one can corrupt or protect. Yes. Protect. As foreigners, our power is far vaster than that of a regular Chinese professor for we possess the knowledge of true American Sla...

Member: Annie
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China - Wuhan

Wuhan The next morning we exited the train around 9am and caught a local bus - similar to our greyhound services but shitter of course, to Yichang. Along the way I experienced the worst toilet facilities I have ever had in my life. (And I go down th...

Member: Kel and Ness
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China & Tibet 2005

We're sitting in the nastiest internet cafe (and we use that term loosely) in Chengdu trying not to catch anything from the keyboard, but we walked an hour to get here, so you should be thrilled to get this update... March 12 For the coldest da...

Member: Carla
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Exploring The Global Mind in Asia

Shanghai! It's like New York! Pretty classy, yup. I immediately fought for my hotel room. The receptionists always said MAYO. No room. I then stood fast and started taking secretive notes. They would then finally give in. This theater was really old no...

Member: michael
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Far East and Australia 2002

I think I last bored you from Cairns will that is about two weeks ago now. Since then I have travelled to Alice Springs by the luxury of plane. Bliss! Once in Alice (Mum must reread the book because its not what I remember – not quaint!) where its hot ...

Member: Elizabeth
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China 2006/07

After a lie in and a little work I headed down to meet Mary-Ann. We wandered around the area where she lives for a while which is much closer to the city; there are loads of shops and restaurants. Her apartment is fine but a little dingy and she has mo...

Member: Hannah
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24 Nov 06 WE'VE ARRIVED IN HANGZHOU - WE LOVE IT HERE! As always the train was spot on time. This time, luckily, the journey was just over two hours. We booked ourselves in a hard seater carriage, which is an experience to board! Loads and loads of...

Member: Charlotte and Dyce
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Summer 05 - China & Russia

zdravstvuyte!! (that is hello in russian...) Am having a fantastic time in Russia, is a great place. Moscow is really lively and young with a brilliant atmosphere. Have done all the sights there - St Basils cathedral was amazing (the Disney style ...

Member: Claire
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