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Travel Journals: Punta Arenas, Chile

Punta Arenas, Chile travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

um-die-welt 2007

Mit etwas Verspaetung komme ich endlich dazu hier ueber meine Erlebnisse auf dieser Reise zu berichten. Also Argentinien die Erste: Meine erste Station ist Buenos Aires. Eine Stadt mit Charme der Alten Welt vermischt mit einem kraeftigen Schuss Modern...

Member: Baltasar
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Chile 2006

Its amazing what a little sun can do! What a touristic holiday place this is and we love it. Pucon is set by lake Villarrica and surrounded by lots of hills and mountains, especially Villarrica volcano which is currently active. Theres a traffic light...

Member: Julie
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Spent only 2 days in Arequipa, leaving us too little time to visit the nearby Colca canyon. Instead we rested and visited the charming Santa Catalina monastery....

Member: Fabien
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3 weeks to go in London

Starting this off 9 months into the trip probably seems a bit strange but I've decided that I would like to have some type of memory like this that is official rather than lots of bits and pieces and scribbled bits of paper all over the place when I do...

Member: Natalie
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The World Jaunt


Member: Neil
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Argentina and Chile 2005/06

Oh what a holiday...again! (summary at the bottom for the time constrained, but once again you'll miss out on my budding literary genius!) I love Argentina, one of the best kept secrets in budget travel. Hordes of South Africans flock to the east b...

Member: Russell and Tanith
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South America 2006

For Rebecca and Molly: Cue music ´So Happy Together´ and fade from black to Melissa frolicking with penguins. Slow motion Melissa spins around with a wing in each hand in a big penguin circle. For everyone else: Our last stop before Buen...

Member: Melissa
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