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Travel Journals: Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Pretending to be an Expat

i arrived in Brussels to the most amazing weather there has been during my entire stay in Brussels. i took a taxi from Zaventem airport to my sight-unseen apartment. My roomate was not to arrive for another 6 days and some random person on the street (...

Member: Lara
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Our 2007 UK and Europe Trip

This trip took us further south west of Norwich than we have to date with our first stop, Sudbury and more specifically the Thomas Gainsborough Museum. Gainsborough was born in 1727 and went on to become England’s foremost portrait and landscape artis...

Member: Yvonne
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Strasbourg 2002

Me encantó esta ciudad!Es un sitio que incita al paseo, a una inmersión total. Impacta. Observas como una parte de la ciudad es tan moderna y contemporanea como la otra todo lo contrario. Me impactó la limpieza de sus ca...

Member: Rafael
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107 Days in the Blackforest

At the hostel where we stayed in in Berlin, we saw brochures to this Insiders' Tour thingie, held in English, which sounded very attractive to us. Also it took us to effectively where we wanted to visit, of course we decided to go on that tour. The F...

Member: joan
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first digs in milan

Well hello all my fine friends. I’ve finally found the motivation to give you another fun-filled episode of the travels of Dominic and Julia. In case your wondering why Im speaking life a toss, its because weve finally set up camp in London and Im ...

Member: Dominic
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Study Abroad '06-'07

Well, I made it! And this entry may take a while to write, as I have to get used to a French please excuse any typos that I may be too tired to fix! I arrived in Frankfurt yesterday morning without any luggage came in, c...

Member: Ivey
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My Return To The Famille Cradle

It has been more than 35 years since I began my search for members of the "Fluviot clan." I never had a chance to inquire from my granfather, Emil Louis Gambetta Fluviot, where our family originated or if there were others any where in the w...

Member: Ron Anne
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France '05

After 5 weeks in Montpellier, I travel to Dijon to meet my parents, we then drive northwards stopping in various towns on the way. Finally returning to the UK on 26th Aug 05....

Member: Hannah
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German Joyride 2007

We started at the Hofbrauhaus, a large beer hall with a live band and an endless sea of wooden tables packed with people. We actually ended up sitting next to two American girls, one of whom is from Rochester! Small world. I'm not sure if it's a Bavari...

Member: Audrey
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