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Travel Journals: Paros, Greece

Paros, Greece travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.


We arrived in Athens at daybreak (the one and only sunrise we saw) and headed for the area of Plaka, which is close to all the major sights and has heaps of great restaurants and hotels. We hadn’t planned on staying in Athens for too long and with so ...

Member: Liz
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Europe Gap Year 2005-2006

Have really enjoyed our time in London. Still feel like we're on holiday even though we have to work. London Weather: Not that bad! Even winter was bearable and the summer days are long and (mostly) sunny. Maybe we struck a good year? Londo...

Member: Eileen
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Let´s play the traveling game.

That's what I like in my cities. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg blaring through the streets. We decided to take a mini detour to Budapest. It's been muggy and chock full of fun stuff. The day we got here, we discovered that President Bush was following us i...

Member: Travmandels
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Justin's World Tour 2006-2007

Greetings everyone from the heart of the former evil empire. Yes I am still alive...this is a good sign haha. Anyways my god do I ever have alot to talk about. Russia is just incredible, lets just say its the most crooked, culturally intense, beautiful...

Member: Justin
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As ı left santorini on the ferry to Paros to meet up wıth my family it came to my attention that the last time i had a family holiday i was 12 years old! Still, worse things happen at sea... When i got to paros i had a 11km ride over the hills to the t...

Member: andrew
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Greek Islands

It's been a nice week of R&R on the Islands in Greece. Much needed after being on the road and staying the longest in one hotel for only two nights. When I arrived in Athens I quickly found out the Islands were in the process of shutting down...

Member: Paul
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Europe 2006

Just another night out at Ludgrove, back at school the parties continue and the teachers lead the way. Just a few snaps of the other night back at bungello Wil (one of the teachers places) after a night at the local pub or as it is now referred Ludgrov...

Member: Gemma
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Greek Islands! October 2006

Today we got up very early for our taxi to the port of Pireaus. Just getting the the taxi is an interesting exercise in the dirty, crowded and seemingly unsafe street that we were in. Made our way to the Port and boarded a massive Blue Star Ferry for o...

Member: Mel
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