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Travel Journals: Kowloon, Hong Kong

Kowloon, Hong Kong travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

S.E ASIA 2006

We had a little less than a week to fill in before meeting Chris (Andrews older brother)in Laos so decided to spend it on yet another tropical island! We didn't have enough time or funds to get down to the desired southern Thailand islands so we settle...

Member: Andrew
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Travelling in the Far East

From Hong Kong we travelled to the Portuguese colony of Macao. After leaving the busy harbour, we passed between many islands. On reaching the open sea, the rain began again and lasted all day. At least it was warm, so one didn’t really mind being wet....

Member: Desiree-Rose
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Guilin, China

Hong Kong Day 1 We had been sailing through an overcast haze for at least 2 days before reaching Hong Kong. We sailed into the harbor around 7am and the cityscape slowly emerged from the vagueness. Hong Kong is packed. The entire skyline is huge 20+ ...

Member: Dave
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Round the World Trip 2006/07

We arrived in La Paz on Thursday afternoon. It is absolute mayhem here! Buses, taxis, combis and people everywhere. Crossing the road is a challenge in itself. We went to an Asian restaurant for our farewell meal on Thursday night. Having not had a cur...

Member: Paul
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Australia (and a bit of Asia and Indonesia too) Summer 2006

After being met at the airport by someone from our hostel, we checked in, admired the room and then went into town for a wander around. It was notably warmer in Alice than in Sydney, however, town it would seem is more like a village. After an hour we ...

Member: Kellie And Jon
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Three months in South East Asia - 2005

Portugal with kai-Chun. Expensive fish meal (not paying the whole bill), Cap St. Vincent sunset, walk on the beach, The Old Village, Portimao, supermarket, dinner over looking the sea (moon on the water)....

Member: Julian
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People are strange....

My last day in Chiang Mai was spent doing a cookery course. And I have to say I made the best Thai Green Curry EVER...!!!! It was sooo good... can't wait to make the next one... We also made shrimp soup, chicken stir fry, Banana's in coconut milk,...

Member: Carol
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