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Travel Journals: Ferrara, Italy

Ferrara, Italy travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Un Soggiorno in Italia

Today I was stopped on my bike in the middle of Via Saraceno because there was a truck blocking the way. After a couple seconds, I decided it would be better to dismount and walk the bike around. However, my bike is a boy bike and not a girl bike, mean...

Member: Anna
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Study Abroad '06-'07

Well, I made it! And this entry may take a while to write, as I have to get used to a French please excuse any typos that I may be too tired to fix! I arrived in Frankfurt yesterday morning without any luggage came in, c...

Member: Ivey
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My world

Starting 12 May 2006 / Underwater pics of Tioman...

Member: Fabrice
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A collection of Ferrara travel blogs (journals) created by other travellers. This travel journal collection forms a comprehensive and unbiased Ferrara travel guide and resource for travel research about Ferrara, Italy. All content is provided by independent travellers.