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Travel Journals: Mexico, Mexico

Mexico, Mexico travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

Central & South America 2005


Member: Raffael
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Central America Adventures

I went travelling to Central America for 6 weeks with 2 of my greatest mates Breeza and Aymes. We began in Mexico city, and made our way through Guatamela, Belize and back through Mexico to fly out from Cancun. You will find photos in this journal of a...

Member: Jodi
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Exploring The Meso-American Vibration

I could see revolution even from the air as my plane landed in the new Sandanista realm. A crashed plane stewed in the hot sun. I saw soldiers. The air was electric.... I loved it. The customs people were teenagers wearing hastily made unifor...

Member: michael
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Cuernavaca, Mexico

YO COMI CHAPULINES HOY!!! Okay, so that means that I ATE GRASSHOPPERS TODAY!!! hahaha...they totally grossed me out, but I figured seize the day! My teacher today (Iliana, i like her a LOT) had this lil bag of things that she was just poppin in ...

Member: Jen
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London 1995

After a night in the upstairs room of a pub with an Australian girl called Corrina and a bottle of tequila I am smitten. She leaves a few days later to work in a pub in the Gambia. I book a ticket and fly back to Africa for the first time since leaving...

Member: Eric
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World Trip 2007-2008

We finally got to this place called "San Pedro de Atacama", a tiny little town in the middle of a plain in the Atacama desert that was surrounded by mountains in the far distance. Some of the houses and their rooves were made of mud. The road...

Member: SaranHaydn
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Mexico 2005

Four weeks in Mexico aftr third year exams; with Stacey, Sam and Anna. Met some very cool people; Richard, Mike and Merry, and the US army boys. We had a couple of great nights out and spent alot of time on the beach. No getting in trouble with the Nat...

Member: liz
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mexico- guatamalla -cuba : con muchila

first arrival at the beach after a tiring bus ride of 10 hours. the beach is amazing, this is the best place in mexico for surfers. we took a ride to a lagune named chacaoa or something like that, which had an amazing view with lots of birds there....

Member: arik
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Wish you were here?

Hi, After we left you on Monday afternoon we took a walk from our hotel down to the Tulum ruins on the beach. We didn't have the place to ourselves like at Chichen Itza unfortunately but most of the tour buses had departed. The ruins are of a Mayan...

Member: Kate and Jonny
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