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Travel Journals: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Eindhoven, Netherlands travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

2005 plus

Side trips...

Member: Les
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London 1995

After a night in the upstairs room of a pub with an Australian girl called Corrina and a bottle of tequila I am smitten. She leaves a few days later to work in a pub in the Gambia. I book a ticket and fly back to Africa for the first time since leaving...

Member: Eric
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Around the world in 86 days

_Julia_ Tuesday (8th May 2007). Sam & Jenni had arrived, so the dangerous drinking stakes had just got higher for Craigles. We went to meet Ani, the wedding coordinator at Manuia Beach hotel, who I had months emailing and organising with. We fin...

Member: Craig & Julia
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Valkenswaard for work

This was a personal trip so I didn't get to see much of the country. I'll definatly be back to see more!! Swedish Match is one of the biggest tobacco exporter in the world. It was a little crazy to be sitting in a mee...

Member: Hamish
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